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The practice of Aquaculture, farmed production of aquatic animals and plants, is a growing and necessary component of our global food production. IEC INTERNATIONAL, has developed far ranging expertise in this area and has successfully completed work on projects involving the culture of 19 different species of organisms including:

“IEC INTERNATIONAL has set the standard for industry development plans and environmental monitoring in Western Canada.”

  • prawns
  • abalone
  • european flat oysters
  • pacific oysters
  • laminaria
  • kumumoto oysters
  • tunicates
  • starfish
  • horse clams
  • goose neck barnacles
  • lobster
  • manila clams
  • mussels
  • scallops
  • sea cucumber
  • sea urchin
  • geoduck clam
  • cockles

IEC INTERNATIONAL, recognizes that while Aquaculture is a developing global industry, it must carried out in a sustainable and environmentally benign manner. Staff at IEC have successfully carried out Aquaculture projects in many countries and have contributed in the areas of planning, training, processing, product development, environmental assessment, and troubleshooting. In recent years, staff at IEC INTERNATIONAL have continued our involvement in areas of Aquaculture development in the capacity of advisors to all levels of governments, research and financing groups, Universities and Foundations, in various countries.

Over the past years, the staff of IEC INTERNATIONAL, have been called upon to undertake an increasing role in evaluating, monitoring, and reporting on issues related to environmental sustainability, impacts, and remediation as it relates to aquaculture development. In this regard we have, to date, completed over 60 submissions under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA).

IEC INTERNATIONAL, is pleased to have made presentations to Governments, Companies, Associations and Conferences, on behalf of clients, around the world.

Projects & Publications

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