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With an increase in both global population and trade, the demand for fishery products is enormous. That said, the size and associated catch of many fishing industries has declined in recent years related to both decline in biomass and/or increasingly stringent regulation.

IEC INTERNATIONAL, recognizing that fisheries must evolve to meet new challenges in order to secure their future, has successfully completed projects focusing on various aspects related to fisheries such as:

  • sustainability
  • new species fishery development
  • the testing and introduction of new methods for conservation of stocks
  • quality control
  • product development
  • administration for fishery groups


and the always interesting facilitation of negotiation on management issues between fishermen and regulators.

Staff at IEC INTERNATIONAL, have a long history of representing fishery groups; undertaking conflict resolution between industry and government; advising governments at all levels; and, drafting and/or providing third party review of research proposals or business plans. IEC INTERNATIONAL has also worked with processors and marketers in various countries developing new product lines of fisheries products.

Projects & Publications

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